SFF COVID-19 Response - Full List of Grants

Posted on August 20, 2020

As a follow up to our earlier message in May on the actions we've taken related to the pandemic, we want to share a full list of grants made across the state of Washington. While we primarily partner with organizations working in King County, we've recently entered education and advocacy partnerships in Pierce, Snohomish, Skagit and Grays Harbor Counties. The health and well-being of those communities were in our hearts and minds. Our response to the pandemic was guided by data of populations most impacted across the state. As such, we supported efforts in Yakima County, an area of the state that is rich in agriculture, diversity and Native and Indigenous land.

Pooled Fund

Alignment to SFF

Grant Amount

All in WA - Child Care InitiativeThis Initiative will prioritize supporting the more than 500 BIPOC-owned “family child care homes” in rural and remote areas disproportionately affected across Washington state. In addition to appreciating the coordinated effort, giving through All in WA leverages matching funds still available through a Bezos challenge.$150,000

Community Foundation of Snohomish County

Snohomish County has a large low-income and rural population and it doesn’t have the corporate and foundation partners like King & Pierce. Our support was intended to fill a significant gap in philanthropic resources in a county that is seeing more population flight due to the high cost of living in King County.


Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Pierce County is ground zero in WA state for children and youth entering foster care, along with adults entering prison. With a combination of urban and rural areas, it is a compelling geographic and demographic county for philanthropic investment. In the immediate phase, the fund invested in childcare solutions for emergency workers, homelessness prevention, basic needs and rental assistance.


Public Health – Seattle & King County

To provide funds for Public Health to purchase tablets and monthly internet service for families in the ParentChild+ program.$60,000

Seattle King County Covid Response Fund

Leveraging their vantage point, knowledge and relationships to most effectively and quickly distribute basic need grants (food access and rental assistance) to organizations partnering with the most vulnerable citizens in King County.


United Way of King County - Rental AssistanceProviding critical housing advocacy and rental support to families, using an equity and poverty lens.$100,000

University of Washington Medicine Response - Virology lab

UW is filling a critical gap and playing a central role in Washington state’s clinical and public health response to the pandemic by increasing testing, research, and bringing testing into the community.


Yakima Valley Resilience and Response Fund

An agriculturally rich part of the state with a large Latinx and Native population, Yakima is an important and often underinvested region. We saw a large surge in positive Covid-19 cases, and wanted to support the organizations and leaders addressing the growing needs of the community.


Washington Food Fund

Food insecurity is a growing concern in the state with food distributors identifying they will be out of food and unable to fill the growing demand. This quickly became an area where philanthropy could step in to address the hunger related impacts of Covid-19 before federal resources kicked in.


WA Undocumented Workers & Families

Heavily trusted collaborative effort providing rental support to undocumented families across the state.


Direct Grants

Alignment to SFF

Grant Amount

Current SFF education grantees

Our current parent and family engagement education partners have trusted relationships with communities deeply impacted by the pandemic.

We provided direct support for basic needs, technology assistance and support for virtual programming.

Grantees include: Asian Pacific Cultural Center, Community Network Council, Open Doors for Multicultural Families, Para Los Ninos, Somali Parents Education Board, Voices of Tomorrow, Washington Alliance for Better Schools, Washington Family Engagement, World Relief Seattle.


Past SFF education grantees

As trusted organizations, many of who are led by and for BIPOC communities, we wanted to support the efforts of past partner organizations as they provide direct relief to families impacted by the pandemic.

Grantees include: Community Mutual Aid for Basic Necessities, East African Community Services, Chinese Information Service Center, Neighborhood House, Southwest Youth & Family Services, Atlantic Street Center, Children’s Home Society of Washington, Kandelia, El Centro de la Raza.


Communities RiseProviding critical capacity support and information to the nonprofit field as the pandemic unfolds, including our grantee partners.$15,000
Community 2 Community DevelopmentOne of our advocacy partners, C2C supported the Yakima Valley agricultural strikes while advocating for the health and safety of agricultural workers, a population deeply impacted by the pandemic.$25,000
Economic Opportunity InstituteOne of our advocacy partners, EOI is advocating for long-term recovery and progressive revenue solutions.$20,000

Equity in Education Coalition

Partners in Change is a powerful collection of BIPOC-leaders and organizations addressing gaps in needs across the state. Equity in Education Coalition is engaged with the coalition and the fiscal sponsor.


Fair Work CenterOne of our advocacy partners, Fair Work Center is committed to workers rights, including Gig workers. They are working alongside One America to build a ground game focused on organizing and mobilization to advocate for just recovery solutions.$60,000

Firelands Together

One of our advocacy partners, Firelands provided technical assistance and organizing support in Grays Harbor County with a focus on workers and economic recovery. They employ community leaders, promotoras, as trusted community messengers and organizers.


King County Public Health - ParentChild+In partnership with United Way of King County, KCPH will provide technology for PC+ staff and families so that they can continue home visits, through a virtual mechanism, during the pandemic.$60,000
Latino Community FundProviding critical capacity support and information to the nonprofit field, with a focus on Latinx and undocumented populations across the state.$15,000
OneAmericaOne of our advocacy partners, and a leading organization committed to the rights of Immigrants and refugees, OneAmerica is building a ground game that focuses on organizing and mobilization to advocate for just recovery solutions.$50,000
Philanthropy NorthwestAs a regional leader in philanthropy, PNW provided timely, informative learning sessions and played a key role in sharing inform and aligning investments across the foundation field.$15,000
RVC SeattleProviding critical capacity support, leadership, and information to the nonprofit field, including our grantee partners.$15,000
Washington Budget & Policy CenterOne of our advocacy partners, WB&PC is advocating for long-term recovery and progressive revenue solutions.$20,000

Washington Nonprofits

Providing critical capacity support and information to the nonprofit field as the pandemic unfolds, including our grantee partners.