Home Visiting

SFF invests in organizations that bring learning and engagement opportunities into homes, because that’s where the earliest learning happens.

We specifically support programs that use a proven home visitation model called ParentChild+, which supports families caring for children ages 16 months to 4 years. They foster secure attachment, help young children feel safe, and build language and literacy skills. They’re delivered by early-learning specialists, who are often from the same communities as the families they serve, using culturally and linguistically appropriate tools. These trusted professionals can also offer service referrals for other basic needs—before those needs become a crisis.

Family Engagement

When families engage in their children’s learning environments, children improve their social, emotional, and academic skills.

That’s why SFF funds organizations that respond to community needs in culturally relevant ways and make families an active, sustained part of their kids’ learning. The organizations we support position parents as leaders; they leverage partnerships with schools and community groups to design, deliver, and assess research-driven educational programs. SFF also funds programs that empower families to navigate school systems, advocate for their children and ensure their needs are being met in ways that don’t cause unintentional harm.

Strong Systems

We have an opportunity to prevent disparities in education before they begin by allocating public funds toward early childhood supports, such as affordable childcare and expanded access to preschool.

Inspired by this possibility, SFF invests in organizations and coalitions that bring families and their advocates to the policy-making table, where they can use their diverse lived experiences to shape decisions that affect their children and communities. SFF also supports legislative efforts to sustain and grow statewide investments in early childhood programs, such as community outreach and other forms of advocacy.