Creating change requires more than passionate people and organizations. Effective grassroots movements share a crucial underlying infrastructure that helps groups to coordinate with each other, communicate with voters, and empower great candidates.

SFF funds organizations that ensure the health of this infrastructure by growing organizational capacity to advance policy priorities; increasing access to information through relationships and shared messaging; recruiting strong candidates who are representative of their communities; and facilitating collaboration among various groups and coalitions.


Grassroots organizing is critical to shifting power, engaging more people in the democratic process, and addressing the issues that matter to communities.

SFF supports organizations that cultivate local leaders who understand the needs of their communities. By funding their outreach work year-round, not just during general elections, SFF helps field workers build trusted relationships and effective messages that can make a difference year after year.

Rural Communities

Historically, legislative wins in Washington have grown out of movements in urban areas in and around Seattle.

To advance the priorities of the state’s multicultural rural communities, we support organizations working to advance policy solutions that reflect the priorities of those communities, such as health and affordable housing, broadband access and economic opportunities. These organizations empower local leaders to advocate for the issues they care about and matter most in their hometowns.