Announcing the Washington Nonprofits Advocacy Toolkit

Posted on October 22, 2019

In 2018, SFF made a $20,000 grant to Washington Nonprofits to join other funders in supporting the development of a new advocacy toolkit for nonprofits. We supported this work because we heard that many nonprofits are not aware of the full set of tools they have to advance their missions and create positive impact. Advocacy is a powerful tool for advancing just systems and policies and many nonprofit organizations say they are not clear on the laws surrounding advocacy. As a result, they don’t engage in spaces where they could otherwise use their voice for a positive impact on their work and with those they serve. This resource and a tour of workshops across the state will help organizations get clarity on the rules and engage in advocacy with confidence.

We are pleased to share the completed toolkit, called Build a Movement (BAM!). You can download the toolkit at this link. SFF is listed in Washington Nonprofit’s section of funders, along with other local funders such as the Campion Foundation, the Raikes Foundation and the Seattle Foundation. We are proud to have helped Washington Nonprofits reach their goal to get the project in motion and delighted with the resulting toolkit. There are some great visuals and descriptions on all the ways you can activate your voice and engagement, showcasing the entire spectrum of advocacy activities available to nonprofits. Please join us in congratulating Washington Nonprofits on their excellent work, and let’s Build a Movement!